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We have two Android Apps. The first has been newly released in the Google Play store.

Key English | IELTS Vocabulary – Out now for Android!

Hi there everyone, we’ve finished making our first Android IELTS App! Key English | IELTS Vocabulary is a vocabulary app that uses the Academic Word List to help students learn important academic words as fast as possible.

The app has just been released in the Google Play store! If you are unable to pay the small fee for the full app, send us an email (ieltstutors.org@gmail.com) and we’ll send you a code to unlock the full app for free!

If the feedback we receive is positive, we hope to finish an iPhone version later this year.

The best way to learn vocabulary is to start with the most common words. Key English | IELTS Vocabulary will teach you the most frequent words in Academic and IELTS English texts.

  • Written by a professional Academic English Instructor.
  • Learn the words, their definitions AND example sentences to see how they are used in context.
  • Synonyms help you learn words in groups.
  • Multiple choice, spelling, synonym and grammar games give you confidence!
  • Save difficult words to view and play games with later.
  • Important vocabulary lessons teach you how to study.
  • Examples and definitions are carefully prepared for English learners.
  • No annoying logins or internet connection needed!
  • Includes important vocabulary for essay writing.

Our second app is coming soon: A full featured complete IELTS app.

In addition to our vocabulary app, we are planning a complete IELTS app, featuring:

  • Interactive grammar lessons
  • Interactive vocabulary lessons
  • Interactive writing lessons for General and Academic tests
  • Interactive reading lessons for General and Academic tests
  • Interactive speaking lessons with audio
  • Interactive listening lessons with audio
  • A learners academic dictionary
  • Take notes and record your progress
  • Quizzes
  • All accessible offline, so no internet connection is needed.

We plan to release the app in the spring of 2019!

While you wait, have a look at our free lessons and student services.

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