Vocabulary | Essential Collocations Series

IELTS Lessons, written by Sam Morgan and Tom Speed

In this class you will learn or review some more adjective and preposition collocations.

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Choose the appropriate preposition to complete each sentence.

1. I’m sorry. I was wrong the answer.
2. I’m sorry being wrong.
3. I’ve always been interested history and geography.
4. We were all very surprised the results of the election.
5. My friend is jealous girls who speak to her boyfriend.
6. My city is very safe because it is almost free crime.
7. I am curious where he is from because I don’t recognise his accent.
8. I’m bored superhero movies. Can’t they make something different?
9. Are you aware how cultures around the world are different?
10. She gets easily annoyed small things. she is clearly suffering from stress.

Language Note

With some adjectives we can choose more than one preposition. For example, an alternative for surprised about is surprised at

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