Vocabulary | Essential Collocations Series

IELTS Lessons, written by Sam Morgan and Tom Speed

In this class you will learn or review some useful adjective and preposition collocations.

If you missed it, this link is to the last Essential Collocations lesson.

Choose the appropriate preposition to complete each sentence.

1. She is very good dancing.
2. Fresh fruit and vegetables are good your health.
3. I’m terrible singing.
4. A lack of oxygen in the water is bad animals which live in lakes and rivers.
5. I have always been very fond French films.
6. She is very keen starting up her own company.
7. A person I am particularly proud is my little sister.
8. I am mainly responsible dealing with clients.
9. I am obliged finish the project my boss gave me at work.
10. Everyone gets nervous things like money or exams.

Open to see Language Note

​Note that good at is connected to ability but good for is connected to the benefits of something. This applies to similar adjectives such as great, terrible, bad etc. 

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