Vocabulary | Essential Collocations Series

IELTS Lessons, written by Sam Morgan and Tom Speed

​In this class you will learn or review some useful verb noun collocations using make and ​do.

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Choose the correct verb, make or do, to complete each collocation

1. Please call the doctor and an appointment because you look sick.
2. I usually the laundry once a week.
3. I want a job where I can a difference.
4. The dog will a noise when it is hungry.
5. Please can you me a favour and buy some milk when you go to the shop.
6. It took me ages to my homework last night.
7. I find it difficult to a point in a meeting because I’m quite shy.
8. I often mistakes because I don’t check my writing.
9. You should the right thing and tell the truth.
10. Children such a mess!

The next lesson in our Essential Collocations series gives more verb collocation practice.
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