Vocabulary | Essential Collocations Series

IELTS Lessons, written by Sam Morgan and Tom Speed

In this class you will study more very useful verb and preposition collocations for speaking and writing.

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Choose a preposition from the box that collocates with the verb in bold.

at   ·  on   ·  to   ·  from   ·  for   ·  in  
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1. I don’t plan staying late at work tonight.
2. Do you believe ghosts?
3. I find it difficult to forgive people lying.
4. She graduated Oxford University last year.
5. Stephen Hawking was a great scientist who contributed our understanding of the universe.
6. How would you like to pay your meal, cash or credit card?
7. Have you ever arrived an important meeting or interview late?
8. I have applied a job at the UN.
9. My friend borrowed some money me but he never paid me back!
10. The government prevent citizens owning handguns in the UK.

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