Vocabulary | Essential Collocations Series

IELTS Lessons, written by Sam Morgan and Tom Speed

​In this class you will learn or review verb collocations using a range of different verbs.

The previous Essential Collocations Class looked at Make / Do verb collocations.

Select the correct verb to complete each sentence.

go   ·  read   ·  have   ·  play   ·  make   ·  get   ·  has   ·  miss   ·  try   ·  meet  
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1. What time do people in your country generally up?
2. Dinner is a late meal in my country. My family usually dinner at around 9pm.
3. Not so many people newspapers today because the news can be found online.
4. I can’t any musical instruments but I’d like to learn one.
5. At the weekends, me and my friends often walking in the mountains.
6. I like to a coffee on the way to work in the morning.
7. It can be hard to friends when you move to a new city.
8. Don’t be afraid to new things.
9. If you are busy or in a noisy place, you might a call.
10. I like to my friends in a café.