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Today’s post is a quick quiz to give you more practice with cause and effect language, specifically with prepositions in cause and effect collocations. Start the quiz below!

Quiz | Cause and Effect Prepositions

​Complete the following collocations with the appropriate prepositions.

Choose the correct preposition

1. Rising dissatisfaction led riots and a breakdown in law and order.
2. Due his poor health, he won’t be able to perform today.
3. The result the cold weather is that people are using more electricity and gas to heat their houses.
4. The crash was caused reckless driving.
5. The crash resulted the injury of several passengers and the driver.
6. The reason his reckless driving was that he had been drinking alcohol.
7. Owing the low volume of the microphone, the people at the back of the crowd couldn’t hear what was said by the speakers.
8. Desertification in the area around the Sahara Desert stems reduced rainfall and over grazing of grasslands by goats and cows.
9. The most important consequence the president’s decision is that there will be an election within the next few months.
10. Unfortunately, there are many negative issues arising the lack of funding for inner city schools.

We hope you did well. There are no strict grammar rules to follow, so remember to learn the collocations here to use them confidently in the test. 

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